The joy you have in Me is your strength. Look! I am your Savior. Be confident and unafraid, because I am your strength and your song. I am your Savior! I am your strength and shield. Let your heart trust Me so you can receive help. Let your heart be triumphant and give thanks to Me with song.


Find joy in Me. Delight in Me. I have dressed you in clothes of salvation. I have wrapped you in the robe of righteousness. In addition to everything else, be happy because My Father sent Me to make peace with you. You will truly find joy in Me, the God who saves you. 


This is the day that I have made. Rejoice and be glad TODAY!

Neh 8:10; Is 12:2; Ps 28:7; Is 61:10; Rom 5:11; Hab 3:18Ps 118:24

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  1. “Let your heart trust me so you can receive help.” Thank you, Carol for these words. The help we so desperately desire is ours. We just have to release our tight grip on everything and anything so we can embrace the Lord and His Word.

    Thank you for faithful encouragements in the Word.

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